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Maintenance Kit


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The perfect maintenance kit to take care of your riding boots and ensure their durability.

  • Cable Brush
  • Cloth
  • Leather Cream
  • Polishing Brush

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    How to use

    Clean the boots with a damp microfibre cloth beforehand and let them dry naturally.

    The cleaning and treatment of your boots are of extreme importance for the durability of the product.


    Cable brush




    Leather cream


    Polishing brush

    1st Step

    Using the cable brush (A), remove sand and dust from the zip area as well as from the most delicate areas.

    2nd Step

    With the help of the cloth (B) place the cream (C) to nourish the leather spreading in continuous and smooth circles.

    3rd Step

    Finally, brush (D) vigorously to even out the cream and polish to your liking.


    Alex Tordoff
    Alex Tordoff@alexandertordoff
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    “Working with CHESTER boots is something that I am incredibly excited about as I have worn their boots for a long time already. With riding horses and being outside all day, I need to be sure that my boots are comfortable and well made to make sure they last. As well as achieving all of this, the customisable options make sure that my boots are always unique and stylish! My favourite pair is the Stockholm, with their great fit and and stylish fronts, I look forward to wearing them each day.”
    Roberto Brasil
    Roberto Brasil@robertobrasilofficial
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    “It is with great pleasure that I am with CHESTER. I have ridden with boots from all brands and I have never felt as comfortable as with the Aachen model. In 2019, I helped in the testing phase of the Aachen model and I feel that these boots are 100% to my liking. They are super comfortable and are my choice for both my daily work and competitions. CHESTER boots is a brand with excellent quality and fair and affordable prices for both professionals and amateurs."
    Mary Plan
    Mary Plan@maryplan
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    “I couldn't be happier to embrace this family. I decided to create my own Stockholm boot. I like to keep it elegant but give a personal touch to everything that is mine. It's a super practical model, I find it different, but with the proper elegance and it was exactly these aspects that made me choose it. I'm truly surrendered.”
    Pablo Ceazar
    Pablo Ceazar@pabloceazar
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    “I am very happy to be part of this family. I chose the Vilamoura model for my first boots. I consider it elegant and classic. I also consider the leather is malleable and thin is another advantage that made me decide these would be my first riding boots, as they allow me to feel the horse better. I'm happy and without a doubt it was an excellent choice!”